Exemplar #2

  • Hear how Sarah Parcak, real Space Archaeologist, was kissed by Harrison Ford, fictional archaeologist. (Via After On podcast, starts about 1:04)
  • George Clooney gave his closest friends $1 million each. (Via BBC)
  • Afroz Shah, with his 84-year-old neighbour, decided to do something about the rubbish on his beloved Versova Beach in Mumbai. He recruited volunteers and after 119 weeks estimates that they have removed 12,000 tonnes of plastic. (Via TreeHugger)
  • Walter Carr walked 20 miles (32km) to get to his new job in removals after his car broke down. His boss was so impressed with his grit that he gave him a new car. (Via BBC)
  • Katy Perry visits a sick fan who missed her concert in Australia because of brain surgery. (Via BBC)
  • Posted on Thursday, 02 August 2018
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