Things Now Known #10

  • Clay shooters in the UK call “pull!” because in the good old days the live pigeons were released from their basket by pulling a string. Nowadays you could say anything as the machine operates via an acoustic release. (via BBC Olympic Oddities)
  • The Mycenaean Greeks are thought to have invented the safety pin, or fibula, in the 14th Century BC to fasten garments together. (via BBC Olympic Oddities)
  • The Indian statue by the door in Cheers was called Tecumseh. (Cheers Season 8, Episode 21)
  • Frederick Crane’s first word was ‘Norm’ but is pronounced ‘Mommy’. (Cheers Season 9, Episode 7)
  • Frank Skinner spent £11,000 on a shirt worn by Elvis Presley. Frank wore it once for a TV appearance so that he could claim it as ‘wardrobe’ for tax purposes. (via Desert Island Discs)
  • Posted on Thursday, 06 September 2012
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