Henry Rollins on Photography

Henry talking to Anne Litt during the KCRW FunDrive about his book, Occupants and photography:

I travel with a 1DS Mark III which is actually walking-around-the-city-with-a-damn-cinder-block-around-your-neck so I use the more stealthy, very capable, 5D Mark II. And my favourite lens is the 16-35, it’s a wide and it forces you to get a portrait by basically going right up to someone, getting up close and personal and saying “Hello, my I take a photo of you”. I don’t like to be anonymous taking photos I like to meet the people I’m photographing. I tell people, when they ask me, “Why I don’t take more landscape photographs?”, I always say, “Landscapes don’t hit back”. I like to take pictures of people, because the human experience is the one that’s most fascinating to me.

  • Posted on Saturday, 25 August 2012
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