My Flickr photostream is now down to just 61 images, from over 700 and could possibly fall even further. I used Dan’s version of flickrtouchr to download my entire photostream at the weekend. For the last couple of days I’ve been deleting photos and adding my favourites to OpenPhoto.

I’d already downloaded and deleted all the photos that I had on Picasa a few months ago.

With Flickr I simply grew tired of it. There are only so many bad photographs that have been badly photoshopped that I can stand to see. Photography is about light, it isn’t about the number of affects you can add to a single image. It’s then tagged with the persons name or copyright notice as if it’s a precious commodity that needs to be secured against theft. The best photoshopped images are always the ones that make you think, “Is that real? Or has that been altered in some way”. Take a good picture, one that you’re really happy with and then, if you can, if you need to, improve it. Don’t convert it to black and white and leave a part of the image in colour.

I’ve written before about comments on blog posts being a bad idea, on Flickr the same still applies. Thankfully all the GIF images of horrible medals and banal comments like ‘Great capture’ or ‘Great treatment’ have pretty much died a death. There have always been people who post a photo to as many groups as they can, I’m sure there is a limit, just to try and gets as many views as possible. Really is that the reason you took the photo in the first place?

A while ago Flickr added the ability to tag another member in a photo. It’s a good feature if you want people in an image to see the photo you’ve taken of them at an event. But now I’ve seen photos that certainly can’t contain all the people that have been tagged in the photo. This is basically just another form of spam that I’m sure must have started on Facebook.

From now on any photos that I really like will be on OpenPhoto.

I even looked at 500px again yesterday. They’ve been hard at work improving the site and creating a range of apps for various devices. Maybe I’ll head back there, the quality of photos is much higher than Flickr.