For the second time I’ve had a Squarespace trial and for the second time I’ve abandoned it.

The first time was about a year ago, before I found Jekyll, when I was thinking of moving this site from the customised Enki Rails engine that I was using. At one time they offered a way to import from any kind of blog, including the top blogging platforms. When I had a look they only offered Wordpress, Blogger etc. I didn’t want to copy and paste all my posts so I let the trial expire.

This time they had just released Squarespace 6, with responsive web templates and drag and drop image uploading. It all looks really good but again no way to import all my existing posts, now all in Markdown text files. The reason I looked at it for longer this time was that I really wanted to be able to change elements of the site using a GUI interface. I didn’t want to have to mess about with HTML and CSS any more, I wanted to create interesting things and not have to think about CSS selectors and hosting. The real stumbling block again was importing and there is no API that I could use to push in old blog posts. Last week, before I started the trail, I was even thinking about just archiving all these posts and starting with a blank slate.

Playing about with Squarespace 6 over the weekend I thought that I could use it as a photo blog. I’ve scrapped Picasa and I’ve deleted most of my photos from Flickr. Maybe this would be ideal. A few galleries, just showing my favourite photos and a photo blog of shots that I taken.

Then I started having second and third thoughts: I’ve only taken my camera out once this year, I’ve taken a few shots with my iPhone but nothing really to get excited about, would I really post all that much to it. Besides I already have a blog that I’ve posted photos to in the past. Why not put photos on Amazon S3 and post them here. But I already have photos on S3 via OpenPhoto, why not just keep them there.

So that’s it. I tried Squarespace 6 but it just wasn’t a good fit for me. If I was starting this site again then I’d signup in a heartbeat, using offer code “yourshow” for an extra 10% off a new account. Don’t be creepy.

  • Posted on Tuesday, 31 July 2012
  • Tagged with web