Moved to GitHub Pages


Would you believe I’ve moved this site again. From a few php pages on Pipex to AMX Host, Blue Host, Joyent, Slicehost, Rackspace and now to GitHub Pages. I also tried hosting the site on Amazon S3 along the way as all the pages are pre-baked using Jekyll. I may move it again before the year is out.

But why, you may ask? I had a Rackspace Cloud server running Ubuntu, Nginx, Phusion Passenger, MySQL and a few Git repositories. It was all setup and running fine, I rarely needed to touch it, if at all. It was just running two websites and a small Rails application that only I had access to. I had a cron job that was doing a backup of the sites, the code and a dump of the database, bundling it up and transferring it to a bucket on Amazon S3. Months ago, for whatever reason, that transfer failed and I couldn’t get it working again. The backup only really needed to dump the MySQL database as I had all the rest of it locally. Rackspace rebooted the server a few months ago and because I’d deleted a website’s directory nginx didn’t start and it was days before I noticed.

So now it’s running really well on GitHub Pages. All the code and the content was in a Git repository anyway so it was easy enough to get working. GitHub won’t run any plugins as running code on their servers is a security risk so I have to bake the site locally, switch to the gh-pages branch and drop the HTML pages in there, commit and then push to the server. I was using a rake file anyway so now it just has a few more lines in the deploy task.

I do still like to have a copy running locally so that I can see any changes before they’re pushed to the server. I also don’t feel too secure having two websites in public repositories so I’m paying the $7 a month on the Micro plan.

  • Posted on Wednesday, 25 July 2012
  • Tagged with github web