Rammstein at the M.E.N. Arena


How could Rammstein put on a better show than the last time they played the MEN Arena? Easy, just include everything from the previous tour and add a second smaller stage and a huge walkway to the main stage. Oh and play crowd pleaser Bück Dich.

Set List
Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen
Keine Lust
Asche zu Asche
Feuer Frei!
Mein Teil
Du Riechst So Gut
Links 2-3-4
Du Hast
Small Stage
Bück Dich
Mann Gegen Mann
Ohne Dich
Mein Herz Brennt
Ich Will

I think too much so I have many many questions which will probably never be answered:

How do they transport all that equipment from venue to venue in less than 24 hours? With a ‘normal’ band they have the stage, backdrop, lights, amps, instruments, mixing desk, cables and possibly the P.A. In the case of Rammstein they have fire jets, smoke jets, bombs, fireworks, a cooking pot, Pussy cannon, angel wings, confetti cannon and an inflatable dingy. This time they also had the walkway which, because I was under it, had jets of CO2, with lights above and underneath. Some of it’s construction was just to make it look industrial but when four of them were crawling across it it didn’t sway or bounce. Then there’s the small stage in front of the mixing desk which had lights underneath and was lifted by hydraulics. How many trucks would they need and how much would it all cost?

During Bück Dich we all knew what was going to happen but how was the high-pressure hose attached to Till’s ankle? It had to have been done just before or during the song as they had just crawled across the walk way. Did he have to stand with his foot in a certain spot so that someone underneath could attach, and secure, the pipe? Could someone be under the small stage with all the lights and hydraulics? I did notice that after the song Till had to ram two fingers down his throat to get the fake semen, actually Pernod and water, out of his stomach. Maybe he doesn’t like the taste.

Do they have to transport all the ‘consumables’ for the whole tour? The flames must be propane but they must use a vast amount during a show. The three tanks for Feuer Frei! all seem to be emptied during the song. The same for Mein Teil which now uses two tanks, the second seems to be twice the size. Thankfully you can get Pernod at short notice in pretty much any urban area.

From my vantage point mid-way between stages everything seemed perfect. They all played and sang note perfect. All the effects and lights worked with German precision and efficiency. The one part in the show that they can’t plan is Flake’s dingy ride. This was the only time that he seemed to hit a sandbank about 20 feet from the stage. Everyone underneath was just bouncing him up and down, trying to get him out. He did manage to catch a wave and head out towards the second stage and back. It was a shame as he could have been propelled around the back of the mixing desk at high speed if the audience played along.

It was just an amazing evening. I don’t think I was the only one who left the venue just completely blown away. I really hope that this time they release a live DVD or Blu-Ray.

Everyone seemed to have a smart phone shooting video so loads of clips are on YouTube.
There’s only one decent photo of the event on flickr. I don’t know if that’s just the site not being as popular or the decline of photography in general.

  • Posted on Thursday, 01 March 2012
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