Ghost In The Wires

Ghost In The Wires

  • My Adventures as the World's Most Wanted Hacker
  • Kevin D. Mitnick
  • Hacking

Find out how Kevin Mitnick went from a being a phone and computer hacker to why he needed to have multiple identities to evade capture by the FBI. The U.S. authorities believed that he could telephone NORAD and launch nuclear weapons just by whistling down the receiver.

The book is better and more gripping than any work of fiction because, well, most crime authors always manage to screw up the technical details.

What is surprising is the amount of social engineering involved. If you phoned someone and asked for a password they’d be suspicious. If you asked if the ‘admin’ password was ‘abc123’, the same as it was last week, the victim would most likely tell you the current password. The amount of information he was able to collect just by appearing as if he was a fellow employee trying to get the job done was astonishing. Why wouldn’t you want to help someone?

At least now I can watch Freedom Downtime without it spoiling the book.

If you like this then another great technical thriller is The Cuckoo’s Egg.