No More Telephone

Finally, after nearly 11 years of having a local telephone number, it has been disconnected. The caller display unit that I purchased before I moved in has recorded the last 30 calls that I received, they were:

Yes, 5 calls out of 30 from people that I actually wanted to talk to. The rest were just surveys, insulation grants and calls from India saying that my PC has a virus.

There’ll be no more dashing to the phone, seeing the number - or lack of one - and immediately regretting having made the effort. Thanks to Who Calls Me I was always able to find out who was calling and why. As soon as I got my phone number I registered with the Telephone Preference Service but from the complaints on Who Calls Me they seem to be absolutely powerless and a waste of time.

I’ll be saving £15 that I was giving to BT just for the privilege of having a copper wire coming into my flat. When I didn’t make any calls in the month, which was most months, they used to charge me more because I had a caller display unit.

Phone calls will be made from my Virgin pay-as-you-go phone number that I’ve had since 2000 and I’ll just top it up when I need to.

  • Posted on Monday, 22 August 2011
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