After the hard-drive failure of last Friday I’ve now bought Arq to backup selected directories and files. I’d looked at it a few months ago to backup my iPhoto library, before I switched to Aperture, but I think it said it was going to take about 20 days to encrypt and back it all up.

Arq runs every hour and uses Amazon S3 for storage, so you’re only really limited by your upload speed and how much you want to have to pay. Currently I have the following backing up:

  • 1Password
  • AddressBook
  • Alfred
  • Documents
  • Hazel
  • IGG Software
  • Notes
  • OmniFocus
  • Sites
  • TextMate
  • Yojimbo

I also have .bash_aliases, .bash_profile and .vimrc because I use the Terminal and the command line.

So if I have another drive failure, fingers crossed it won’t happen anytime soon, I’ll just restore the sparse bundle image from the Drobo and then take any other data from S3.

Two good features with Arq is that it will only backup a directory if it’s changed and it lists the dates and times of previous backups. You can also set a storage budget so that if you only want to pay $10 a month it will trim the older versions of directories and files to keep payments at that level.