Panic Over

Yesterday, just as I was running my backup, the hard drive in my MacBook Pro failed. All the running applications hung and I tried to boot from the Snow Leopard disc with no luck.

I was pretty sure that it was the drive so I ordered a WD Scorpio Blue 500 GB from Amazon. Unfortunately it would have been a couple of days before it arrived so I ended up reserving a drive at PC World and I drove over to Stockport to collect it.

If I had known that it was going to be so easy to swap out the drive then I would have done it sooner. But I just didn’t have a reason to. The drive was working fine and even the pre-installed 320 GB drive still had 97 GB free so space wasn’t an issue.

I fitted the new drive and restored from the previous weeks sparse bundle image that I’d made with SuperDuper! Luckily I hadn’t done that much on it last week and thanks to the cloud certain things were synced:

things I need to have off-drive backups of:

  • Yojimbo - I had entered a couple of things last week
  • iBank - I entered a few transactions

The one thing that did take a while to put right was audio and video podcasts. I had to refresh the podcasts in iTunes and then ‘mark as played’ the ones that I’d already listened/watched before downloading new ones.

I’d also added 2 new posts to this web-site and hadn’t added/committed the markdown files in Git and obviously hadn’t pushed the changes to the server. For that I’ll just create another Alfred task.

One worry would have been if I’d taken any photos during the week, I wouldn’t have done a backup until Friday. Maybe that part of the workflow needs tweaking.

Apart from all that it was quite painless. I know that no backup plan is complete unless you actually restore from it. Thankfully this is my first drive failure. If 2.5 inch drives increase in capacity it may be worth while to invest in a spare once a year and switch them over.

  • Posted on Saturday, 16 July 2011
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