Virgin Media Broadband

Yes, after over 3 years with O2 as my ISP I now have a Super Hub from Virgin Media. And it’s just a Super Hub, I didn’t get any of the packages, no TV box and certainly no phone. If the results are anything to go by then I should have 3 times faster download and upload speed, I know that may be throttled. The 10mb download speed I was getting with O2 was enough for me, it was consistent and I can’t remember the last time it down.

When I phoned O2 to cancel the broadband the automated message option was “If you’re thinking of cancelling your broadband”! What is the point of that, if you are going to go then go, you can’t phone a company up and say that you’re thinking of leaving them. The chap I spoke to said that because I had been a customer for so long they could do me a deal where I would get, more-or-less, free broadband for 6 months. He also asked if I was aware that they can supply the telephone line instead of BT, yes I knew this but only because I happened to look at the O2 web-site one evening. At no time did I receive an email, letter or phone call explaining the options. They knew I didn’t have my phone line with them, that it was just the broadband.

All that being said I’ve been very happy with O2 over the years and would recommend them to anyone.

  • Posted on Wednesday, 13 July 2011
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