It's Arrived

My Fujifilm FinePix X100 finally arrived, although not without incident.

I checked the tracking status first thing and there was still no change from yesterday. When I checked at about 10am the status for yesterday had magically changed to ‘Unable to locate’. I phoned DHL Ashton Service Centre and all they said was that it was with someone else for delivery and gave me his number. I phoned him and I asked if he had tried to delivery a package and gave him my postcode. All he could do was ask if I’d be at home today. At 2pm he arrived with the parcel.

It isn’t great when you wait in all day for something to be delivered like this. I’d read on Jessops web-site, in the terms and conditions, that Next Day Delivery isn’t guaranteed. I thought at least it would be delivered without me having to chase them up.