Changing a Timex Expedition Watch Battery

I wear a Timex Expedition watch. I like it because it’s not too expensive, isn’t too flash, it shows the date as well as having a stopwatch and a countdown alarm that I use for timing rice and pasta.

A while ago it stopped, that wasn’t a problem as I have spare CR2016 batteries that I bought from someone on eBay. I also have two small jewellers screwdrivers that must have been free with a HiFi magazine as they have Marantz printed on the case. I popped the back off, no problem, unscrewed the two small screws that hold the battery in place, put the new battery in and screwed it down.

The back of the watch is simply pushed on. I must have done this before and struggled with it but this time it just wouldn’t snap into place. I think the more you force it the more the back of the watch spreads out making it impossible to push in. I’d read online that the only way fit it is to use a watchmakers press. They sell on eBay for £15 or more. But did I really want to spend £15 just to use it once every 5 years. I could have taken it to a jewellers but I’d already done all the work, I just needed the back fitting.

I was determined to try and fix it myself. I’d tried everything and thought that the only way would be to put it in a vice and see if it would snap back into place.

I just needed something that would just push on the outside of the watch back, like the dies in the watchmakers press. I had looked all over trying to find something. Then I found it. An empty 35mm film canister. I took the top off it and the container just fit the back of the watch. A firm push and a healthy click and it was done.

Update 25 January 2017:

I’ve just had to change the battery again and the old 35mm film canister trick didn’t work. What I used this time was an Irwin Tools One-Handed Mini Bar Clamp.

  • Posted on Friday, 22 April 2011
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