Another Jekyll Site

Over the weekend I switched from WordPress to Jekyll. This was the web-site that I wanted to convert the most. I honestly spent more time updating the CMS than adding new posts. Last year there were only 2 posts but countless security updates to apply. Such a high profile site would have been like catnip to any script kiddies and crackers looking for a major target. Luckily the site was never compromised.

Now it’s all just flat files generated locally and rsynced up to the server.

I did look at a few caching plugins for WordPress but, out of the box, they’re intended for Apache 2 and not Nginx. The Slicehost server that I have must be hardly ticking over now that the PHP processes are no longer running.

I had a look at Amazon S3 for hosting and even transferred some holding pages for domains that I own. But I managed to screw up the DNS settings somehow and started to get warning emails from Google. I read that some people have put their static site on S3 and then used Amazon CloudFront as a CDN on top of that. From what Marco Arment was saying on Build and Analyze if your site does get a spike in traffic you could see a lot of money going towards S3 bandwidth and not simply storage.

The other potential problem with S3 that I spotted was the redirects that I have in the Nginx configuration file. At the very least I like the www to be redirected to the plain domain name. At the moment the old news links for have to be individually redirected to the new permalinks. I didn’t look into it too deeply but I don’t think that S3 could handle it.

  • Posted on Monday, 11 April 2011
  • Tagged with CMS web