Plastic Cameras

Plastic Cameras

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  • Michelle Bates
  • Photography

In this day and age you have to admire anyone who is using a film camera. The world of photography has one queen when it comes to Holgas and that is Michelle Bates.

Holga cameras are made from plastic, surprisingly, are cheap, take rolls of 120 film and produce square images instead of the rectangular frames of the more popular 35mm film. The images have a certain look about them. The edges and especially the corners darken focusing interest to the centre of the frame.

The book covers everything that you would need to ever know about Holgas. Normal modifications that have to be made just to get reasonable photographs: tape on the inside, cardboard to keep the film roll tight, more tape to stop the back opening, tape over the film counter window, tape to stop light leaks. Maybe that’s the charm of it all, the fact that there isn’t a Holga mk2 with all of these problems fixed. Then there’s flashes, bulb shots, aperture modifications, replace the back and use polaroid film, take out the lens and the shutter and just have a pinhole. All of these things you can experiment with.

Reading the book has made me interested in photography again. The book contains some really inspiring images but I just don’t know if I’m ready to start using a yet another format.