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Hello to Jason Isaacs.

Now, if you don’t know where that greeting originates then read on and buy the book. If that phrase brings a smile to your lips then just buy the book, if you don’t own it already.

Mark Kermode is a film critic who has achieved a certain amount of fame from working in the shadow of that broadcasting giant Simon Mayo.

I’ve been listening to Kermode and Mayo’s Film Reviews on 5 live since 2006. Saturday mornings, doing the cleaning, just aren’t the same without them. If you’re a fan of the show then you’ve no doubt heard snippets of conversation about: Blue Velvet, Dark Waters, the insignificant bullet and the confrontation with The Queen (in the guise of Helen Mirren), but here they are in full printed form. Of course Mary Poppins, Mamma Mia! and The Exorcist (“The greatest movie ever made”, Mark Kermode, Radio One) also get a mention. Surprisingly that last film only gets a name check on 20 pages, Kermode showing admirable restraint. Even Henry Rollins gets a mention for being the person to interview Werner Herzog after the aforementioned insignificant bullet incident.

If you listen to the show, if you’ve seen Mark Kermode on The Culture Show and you enjoy his film reviews just read the book. I’m sure Jason Isaacs has his own copy.

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