LOVEFiLM Priorities

When started DVD rentals I immediately signed up. It was better than renting one disc per week from the local video shop for £3.50, having a limited stock, picking it up on Saturday and taking it back on Sunday.

Amazon sold it’s rental business, or LOVEFiLM took it over and fortunately they didn’t screw it up. It’s more or less just the same as it was and I still get a small discount on DVD purchases at Amazon.

Recently I decided to up my membership from 4 discs per month, 2 at a time, to unlimited, still 2 at a time. Hell I even paid for a year up front to get a few months free. I had over 50 discs on my list and they just didn’t seem to be going down. Last week I managed to watch 3 rental discs in a week. They turn around the discs pretty fast.

Earlier this year I sent a question to their support team asking exactly how their priority system was working. Their response:

We will always try and dispatch discs in relation to the priorities you give on your selection list. Our allocation process by necessity will look at the availability of stock as well as which titles you would like to see first. The selection of which title to send you is based on those two factors, and is not affected by when you placed a title onto your list.

If it so happens that we can’t send you out a title from your highest selection we will always send out the next best alternative from the list that you have chosen.

Today two discs are ready for dispatch. One was in my high priority list, all well and good, the other was Speed Racer which must have been about number 26 on my medium priority list. Of the discs above that only one was flagged as being ‘Short wait’. Strangely I only added Speed Racer last week, maybe the week before, but it will be dispatched head of discs that have been there for months and months.

If, as they say, discs are dispatched relative to the stock availability, they must have thousands of Speed Racer discs for rental. There’s no other rhyme or reason for it.

  • Posted on Tuesday, 17 August 2010
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