3 Films

It’s always strange how these things work out.

In one of the recent - in the last month, maybe more - MacBreak Weekly shows Andy Ihnatko (Internationally Beloved Technology Pundit) recommended the Creative Screenwriting Magazine podcast as his pick of the week. Being a fan of podcasts, and films in general, I downloaded 20 or 30 or so from the 100 available on iTunes. I only selected certain shows whose title interested me. Shows that I’d already seen the film for. This week I’ve listened to a few more.

Thomas McCarthy was interviewed twice by Jeff Goldsmith and talked about his film The Visitor that I’d seen. Throughout they mentioned The Station Agent, again written and directed by Thomas McCarthy, and also The Conversation. I thought that The Station Agent was worth a look at because of it’s high rating on IMDb and the same with The Conversation, that and the fact that they were both really cheap on Amazon.co.uk. I’ve now found out that Thomas McCarthy was involved with the story for Up and that he played the reporter in the final season of The Wire.

I’m a huge fan of the film Eastern Promises and Steven Knight was another writer who was interviewed. During the conversation Dirty Pretty Things was mentioned - which I like and own - and I found out that Steven wrote that and also Amazing Grace. Looking at the details for that film I find that it has another high rating on IMDb and Albert Finney, Michael Gambon and Toby Jones are in the cast.

So now I own 3 films that I haven’t ever seen based on interviews with writers. It’s strange how all these connections link together.