Pipex - End of Week Roundup

Yesterday I received another letter from Fredrickson International Limited, remember this is the third debt collection agency that Pipex have used, it said to pay the £74.97 within 7 days or face legal proceedings, a black mark on my credit rating and £145.97 in fees and costs. The woman I spoke to on Wednesday said that there would be a lock on the action for 5 days to give Pipex chance to kill the debt.

Yet again I was completely confused about what action to take. When you talk to Pipex and they say they’ll sort it you can’t just rant and rave and demand to speak to a supervisor. I honestly think that they will do what they say. At the end of yesterday I was ready to just pay the full £74.97 to Fredrickson, to ensure that this sorry tale doesn’t affect my credit rating, and then pay Fredrickson to get the money back from Pipex. After all that has happened, spending 5 months in 2008 sorting this out, I don’t want to spend months trying to get the money back. I’d just solve one problem, the debt collectors, and replace it with another. If there was still a problem after today I would have phoned the Citizens Advice Bureau to ask their advice.

I’ve just been on the phone to Fredrickson and I was just told, “We’re no longer dealing with this you’ll have to Pipex directly”. To say that he was brusque and abrupt is an understatement.I even asked him to confirm that the debt had been cleared, he just repeated the same phrase again. The funny thing was he pronounced it Pip-ex.

After a week of worry and lack of sleep over this whole fiasco I still don’t have it in writing that this has all been cleared.

  • Posted on Friday, 28 May 2010
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