Pipex - Yes, it's started again

Because I doubt that you’ll want to read all the archive posts journaling my trouble with Pipex I give you a little re-cap.

Unhappy with Pipex in February 2008 I decided to switch, I mean how hard could it be! I requested my MAC code and used it to sign up with O2. On the 4th of March 2008 Pipex disconnected my internet connection, not good when you work from home. Luckily I was only without broadband for a week and soon I was on O2. According to the Pipex terms and conditions I used my MAC code which terminated my contract with them. I was paying by direct debit which I thankfully cancelled myself. Then I started to get letters saying that Pipex would disconnect me if I didn’t start paying by another means. In August of 2008 I started to get letters from a debt collection agency saying that I owed Pipex £99.96 and that they were going to send someone ‘round to collect it. With solicitor and court fees this nearly doubled to £180. I phoned Pipex to try and sort this out and ended up paying £24.99, not something that I wanted to do under the circumstances, but was glad to finally get it all sorted. I even phoned Pipex 3 days later just to verify everything was clear, it was, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

That is until I opened Saturday’s post. Yes, almost 2 years after it was ‘settled’, another letter from a debt collection agency demanding £74.97 or else. I phoned them first thing this morning and obviously, having dealt with companies like this before back in 2008, all they want is payment. I explained that I had been through all this before and that it had all been cleared, “Did I have this in writing?” she asked. Pipex will not send you written confirmation because I asked. At the end of the conversation I was told that I basically had until Wednesday of this week to pay all or half of the sum before they start legal proceedings.

I then phoned Pipex. It’s a call centre in India somewhere so they have trouble understanding you and you have trouble understanding them. But at least it saves Pipex some money. I gave my account number, they couldn’t find the account, I gave my name, address and date of birth at least 3 times, then they found it, my long dormant account. I had spent 18 minutes on the phone and been put on hold a total of 5 times. She said that the £74.97 was being ‘waived’ and that I owed them nothing. Big surprise. She said to phone back in 24 to 48 hours just to check. So that is what I’ll be doing on Wednesday morning. Let’s hope that the debt collection agency are also told that the debt is clear.

  • Posted on Monday, 24 May 2010
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