Penn Point

Just heard that Penn Jillette, the big guy from Penn & Teller, has moved to Revision3 with a new show called Penn Point. He used to have Penn Says on Crackle, you could download about 20 shows via iTunes, but you couldn’t even watch them on the Crackle web-site. This was due to ‘copyright restrictions’, although exactly what restrictions I don’t know. It was just a guy with a goatee and long hair talking into a video camera. Maybe the theme tune was copyrighted just for the US, who knows. For a while the Crackle site looked as if it was just completely broken with great chunks of content missing. Way to go Sony! The shows were even cross posted to YouTube, again Sony Pictures blocked it on copyright grounds.

I love Revision3 and watch three of their shows, HD Nation, Diggnation and Tekzilla each week, so I’ve subscribed to Penn Point ready for the shows starting on the 24th of May.

Of course it will never replace Penn Radio and Monkey Tuesday, but then again what would.