Alice Cooper: Golf Monster

Alice Cooper: Golf Monster

  • How a Wild Rock 'n' Roll Life Led to a Serious Golf Addiction
  • Alice Cooper with Keith and Kent Zimmerman
  • Biography

I’ve been a fan of Alice Cooper’s for quite some time to say the least. I’d been buying KISS albums and decided to buy the Greatest Hits. To this day I can remember the spot in BJ’s record store where the Alice Cooper section was. Things change, the record store is now a barbers but Alice Cooper is still around, making records and touring.

From what I can tell this book is the second time that Alice has put pen to paper. The first book, Me, Alice, is out of print and commands a healthy sum on Amazon. This book is up to date and is part autobiography, part golf lesson. If you’re a fan of Alice and his music you’ll love it, but he isn’t the type of person who will dish the dirt, except about his own life. So don’t expect any backstabbing or any sordid details about the number of women he’s bedded in his time.

Being a fan, I’ve heard most of these stories before. I didn’t know that Raquel Welch fell in love with him in the mid seventies. He was playing golf with some CEO’s and ‘Rocky’ drives up in a golf cart offering to be his caddy for the day. “Rocky, go away, will ya? Can’t you see I’m playing golf?”. The guys looked at him in complete disbelief, “You just sent Raquel Welch away.” Alice shook his head, “I know, but she drives me crazy.”

He was also great friends with another of my heroes, Groucho Marx. Groucho would suffer from insomnia so he’d phone Alice at 2 in the morning just saying that he couldn’t sleep and that Alice should come ‘round. They’d talk and watch films on TV. When Groucho finally nodded off Alice would tuck him in, put out his cigar and go home.

I knew that Alice had a drink problem and that, in the days before Betty Ford, he was put in a sanitarium for his addiction. The album From The Inside was written based on his experiences and the people he met. But I didn’t know that this had happened twice and that he fell off the wagon just by sneaking a sip of wine from his wife Sheryl’s glass in a restaurant. That’s all it took. The albums, Flush The Fashion, Special Forces, Zipper Catches Skin and Dada were all written and recorded in an alcoholic haze.

The one thing that made him go back to rehab was Sheryl filing for divorce. After vowing never to return to a place like Camelback Hospital he had another little problem to face. He wrote and recorded the Constrictor album but could he still be Alice on stage completely sober? Well obviously he could and a new more confident Alice Cooper was born. A more dominant figure than the victim of old.

If you’re a fan then you’ll have this book already. The mix of autobiographical tales and golf tips works quite well, even for someone whose only golfing experience has been crazy golf or using the Nice Putt machine that I received one Christmas.