Too Fat To Fly

I’ve just finished listening to SModcast #106 that I Huffduffed earlier in the week. I heard about all this via a @leolaporte tweet and started reading @ThatKevinSmith’s tweets on the subject.

Essentially what happened was that Kevin Smith was asked to leave a Southwest Airlines flight due to his size. He had already flown on the same airline that week and on the flight back had taken his seat before he was told to leave the aircraft. Kevin admits himself that he’s fat and said that he was quite comfortably seated between two other passengers, with the armrests down and his seatbelt fastened before he was approached by a stewardess. He was told that there had been an order from the Captain of the plane who was concern with passenger safety. But from where he was sat he couldn’t see the Captain so, by that wild and wacky rationale, the Captain couldn’t see him. As you can imagine being asked to leave the plane must have been embarrassing to say the least.

The next flight out he was sat at the end of a three seat row and a woman who was of a similar build to Kevin was again approached by a stewardess. The way Kevin tells it in the SModcast it’s just heartbreaking. You can tell that he was more angry/upset at the way his fellow passenger was treated than for himself.

I must have watched Clerks when it came out on video years ago and I’ve seen Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back a few times so I’ve had a passing interest in Kevin Smith. My colleague at work is a huge fan of his, has seen all the films and has bought the t-shirt. But after listening to that SModcast I have a whole new respect for him. Hell I’ve even ordered An Evening With Kevin Smith and An Evening With Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder. Trying to be polite to the airline staff, the whole “death before discourtesy” credo, being angry about the way his fellow passenger was being treated, the way he tells it with all the swearing was both funny and touching.

Kevin has posted a blog entry at My Boring Ass Life, that I haven’t read yet and a SModcast #107 that I haven’t listened to yet.

  • Posted on Friday, 19 February 2010
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