Les Patterson's Australia

Les Patterson's Australia

Sir Les Patterson is known globally for his tireless championing of Australian culture in all it’s forms. This book is a photographic journey through the great man’s native land, accompanied with rhyming couplets from the quill of Sir Les himself.

A member of the Australia Council for the Yartz since it’s inception the sumptuous black and white photography depicts Les getting to grips with macrame, porcelain production and draughtsmanship.

In the film section there is a rare photo of Lois Patterson, O.B.E.. Who knew that Sir Les even had a sister. With his life being an open book we find that there is still so much that we don’t know.

The Friend of the Famous section has a beautiful photo of Sir Les relaxing on set with the cast of The Sullivans (ask your parents).

This publication is just chock-a-block with photos of Sir Les in high profile governmental meetings, at cultural functions, enjoying ethnic cuisine and perusing the native art scene, or Abo Art, as it is known locally. Sir Les is also a committed conservationist and can be seen getting up close and personal with the creatures of his home land.

After leafing through this tome you marvel at the drive and the commitment of this great Australian. Whether it’s relaxing over a long lunch with one of his government sponsored research assistants or sat in the bosom of his family, Gwenneth, Craig and Karen, Sir Les is a people person. And I’m not just saying that because he’s my Uncle.

  • Reviewed on Sunday, 14 February 2010
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