Crush It!

Crush It!

  • Why Now is the Time to Cash in on Your Passion
  • Gary Vaynerchuk

Question: What do these people have in common - Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Philippe Petit and Gary Vaynerchuk? They have passion. They are intensely passionate about what they do.

When I think about wine appreciation I think about the Frasier episodes with Frasier and Niles squabbling over who deserves to be ‘Cork Master’. They’re dressed in business suits and they’re in a cellar with racks of dusty old bottles. Wine Library TV, the online video show that Gary set up, is the exact opposite of that. From the few that I’ve watched, it’s filmed in an office under florescent lights with a New York Jets labelled spit bucket. But it’s Gary’s enthusiasm for wine that smashes through the screen and hits you between the eyes.

The book describes how Gary became an internet phenomenon. He says himself that he can’t write, which is why the book was dictated and transcribed. This makes the book really easy to read because the writer isn’t showing off with flowery language, using words that no one uses in everyday speech, he’s just getting the message across.

A customer had complained that her white wine hadn’t been delivered. It was December 22nd so the store was crazy busy with orders. Because it was only a case of wine and because she wasn’t a big, or regular customer the complaint had been ignored. Gary set the tone for the store by putting a case in his trunk and delivering it personally. Driving for 3 hours, out of state, in snow to deliver the wine. Yes, he could have spent his time better being in the store instead of off the radar for 6 hours but it put out a message to his staff that every customer and every order counts.

There must be a term for that kind of service. It certainly works, even if the woman who ordered the wine didn’t tell all her friends how it was delivered personally, it’s a positive message that spreads like wildfire.

There is just one problem and it’s not with the book. I can’t think of anything that I’m all that passionate about. Gary says that you have to have 50 ideas for blog posts on your chosen subject. I just can’t think of anything. To be honest I don’t even know of anyone else who has an all consuming hobby or pastime.

After reading the book I’m certainly on the look out for new ideas.

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