Why oh why haven’t I used this web-site before.

Since buying an iPod nano, a few years ago now, I’ve become an avid listener to podcasts. When I’m walking, cleaning, cooking or washing-up I’m listening to podcasts that I’ve subscribed to. Some feeds I’ve stuck with for years and listen to every show. Others I’ve unsubscribed from mainly due to the fact that there are only so many listening hours in the week and they started to pile up in iTunes.

Recently I’ve wanted to listen to the odd Boagworld podcast or I’ve found an interview in an MP3 file on a web-site that looks interesting. Before Huffduffer I would have to download the one show via the podcast section, then remember to delete the feed afterwards, or download the file manually, add it to iTunes, listen to it and then delete it.

Being a Web 2.0 stalker of longstanding I read a tweet from Jeremy Keith saying that he was huffduffing himself, which is considered illegal in some countries and is hardly a spectator sport. He was huffduffing the dConstruct ‘09 podcasts which I’d listened to in previous years.

After mentioning it 3 times and ‘it’ also being the title of this post, I’d better explain what it does.

Huffduffer allows you to create your own podcast stream using MP3’s that you’ve found on the internet. So, in my case, I’m surfing around web-sites and I find a download link to an MP3 file. All I need to do is use the bookmarklet to huffduff it. I have already subscribed to my feed in iTunes so the next time the feeds are refreshed the MP3 file will get downloaded.

It works in a such a way that anything is a podcast feed. You have your own feed, of items that you’ve huffduffed, you can subscribe to someones else’s feed, a feed of the most popular additions or a feed particular tags. If only there were more hours in the day to listen to it all.

Jeremy said that it was just a ‘scratch your own itch’ project and that it’s possibly too geeky to go mainstream. It’s certainly inspiring to see a niche site like this created just for the love of it.

  • Posted on Friday, 02 October 2009
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