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Dave GormanDave Gorman

Tonight’s trip to The Lowry was supposed to be an exercise in secret keeping for my niece Zoe. She cannot keep a secret for very long before feeling compelled to blurt it out. We can’t quite decide if this is an positive trait or not. Of course I am the former olympic champion at keeping secrets (yes, I even keep secrets from you gentle reader) and had to be, having bought the tickets back in March.

But after catching up with The Dave Gorman Podcast (on iTunes) last week I was starting to feel that maybe an evening with Mr. Gorman wouldn’t be entirely appropriate for a young woman. Now, this may well be some sort of kinky comedian thing, it could be that he lives in the South or it may well be just a personal fetish but he confessed, on Absolute Radio, that he owns a duvet cover with a zip. Shocking I’m sure you’ll agree. He also has a pierced nipple but I have no doubt that in celebrity circles it’s compulsory.

Of course Zoe wasn’t shocked and surprised when Dave Gorman’s name was read out over the tannoy. It must have been like Mission Impossible. She had already sent a text message to her mother who was sat waiting in front of an iMac with a high-speed internet connection. Knowing our location Dave Gorman’s name could only have been a few Google links away.

Naturally, based on previous experience, we didn’t expect Dave to just do a ‘normal’ tour. He is playing 32 consecutive nights in venues of various sizes across the land without utilising a Bon Jovi size tour bus. With cycling being more than a means of transportation around London he is getting on his bike to travel between gigs. In fact he is touching all four points of our little island, north, south, east and west, but not necessarily in that order. This is why Glenfinnan Railway Station and Inverness The Ironworks are on this tour that has been christened, “Sit Down, Pedal, Pedal, Stop And Stand-Up”. Always advisable to stop before standing up.

I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen the show already. You just can’t distill two hours entertainment into a few malformed sentences, so I won’t even try. Just to say that everyone in a packed Lowry left feeling as happy as a horse in trousers.

Zoe had said earlier that she was starting with a cold, so by the trip home she was probably feeling as rough as a pumpkin.

Tomorrow Dave Gorman will be on his bike again heading towards Preston, because that’s how he rolls.

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  • Posted on Sunday, 13 September 2009
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