Kong and a Vampire

Yes, I’ve just finished watching King Kong. It had been on my LOVEFiLM list for a while before ITV1 screened it last weekend. So you can tell that it wasn’t a film that I was simply dying to see. It was just one of those films where the bonus extras, if I had seen it on disc, would have been more interesting to me than the main feature. The CGI effects were stunning, and remarkably easy to spot: Naomi Watts' juggling rocks, Andy Serkis' mustache and I’m pretty sure the chimp was just Weta pixels. This must have been mentioned at the time of the films release but it is arse numbingly long. Even on TV, with the damn adverts during the good bits, it ran at 3.5 hours. That’s at least 1.5 hours over the boredom threshold for an adventure film like this. We’ve seen dinosaurs in movies before Pete so that whole segment could have been removed. I mean what did it add really? That would have moved the story along a little quicker. Of course I would have liked to have seen how they, the 10 survivors from the boat crew, managed to get Kong to New York, but thankfully that is left to our imaginations.

The other film I watched was Let The Right One In. A delightful little tale of a modern day vampire who obviously had a thirst for human blood, was a dab-hand with a Rubic’s Cube and lived in a block of flats. Not your typical vampire abode but then they can’t all live in Transylvanian castles now can they. Again CGI was used but, unlike Kong, not so you’d notice. A drop of blood here, a dilated pupil there, all very subtle stuff. In fact I think the only other pixel manipulation I spotted was the snarling cats and for a while I did wonder how they made the felines spit and snarl like that.

  • Posted on Monday, 24 August 2009
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