Henry has a Girlfriend

Henry RollinsHenry Rollins

This, according to the man himself on his KCRW radio show, is a fact. Yes, the eternal bachelor, Henry Rollins, has a girlfriend and has recently had to meet her parents.

From what Henry has said in the past we can only assume that Miss Right is a reader, of adult books (not Harry Potter), and also that she has a sense of humour. Considering Henry’s locale that must narrow it down somewhat. No porn stars, no models, no valley girls. Someone who is in the film industry maybe. From what he’s told us about his personal life he could only have met someone he was working with. I think that Janeane Garofalo’s name would have been high on the list but she is a NY girl which would make dating difficult.

Considering the breadth of subject matter Rollins fans have been privy to (spilling the seed in the sink of a rented NYC apartment and the mental image of a multi-stained futon) I can think of only a handful of times when female companions have been mentioned. Once was during the first time I saw Henry’s spoken word show back in 2003 and is too painful to recount.

I would just love to be a fly on the wall when these words were spoken: “Mom, Dad, this is Henry”.

I doubt that photos are going to be splattered across the internet and the tabloids, but then it does depend on who this mystery woman is. As long as he is happy that’s the main thing. It could provide interesting material for his shows early next year.

Update …and she enjoys listening to obscure Black Sabbath tracks played really loudly.

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