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Infinite Jest

Up until Monday morning I had never even heard of a book called Infinite Jest. It later transpired that I had heard of it’s author, David Foster Wallace, because I already had one of his books, A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again on my Amazon wish list. This addition to a rapidly expanding list was no doubt prompted by none other than John Gruber, of Daring Fireball, because it was a posting by him that lead me to Infinite Summer.

Join endurance bibliophiles from around the world in reading Infinite Jest over the summer of 2009, June 21st to September 22nd.

Suitably intrigued I headed out after work hoping to find a copy in my local book stores. This is why brick and mortar shops cannot compete with online retailers. Neither of the large bookshops in town had a copy. Neither of them had any books by David Foster Wallace and there was no point ordering it from there when I had a perfectly good internet connection at home.

After a slight delay the weighty tome arrived today. Poor postman, at over a thousand pages, he must have been glad to finally drop it off.

Last night I printed five Infinite Summer bookmarks, showing the schedule, and also the How To Read Infinite Jest guide from the web-site.

This only leaves one snag… I still have about 50 pages of my current book to finish. According to the reading schedule I should have read 63 pages by midnight tonight and 94 pages by the end of play on Monday. I’m not treating it like a competitive sport, of course not, but I would like to be able to catch-up with the rest of the postings on Infinite Summer without fear of spoiling the plot!

  • Posted on Friday, 26 June 2009
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