Secure Passwords

Nowadays everyone has far too many passwords to remember. Personal ones for computers, server passwords, online shopping passwords, online accounts for paying bills as well as all the social websites that everyone signs up for, but then doesn’t use. Creating secure passwords is a problem. You can’t just use dictionary words because of brute force cracking and you shouldn’t use the same password for everything… just in case.

There are a few software solutions, such as 1Password, that I’ve tried but I didn’t like the fact that it generated secure passwords that I couldn’t use elsewhere, like on my work laptop.

Here is the technique that I use for generating secure passwords.

Qwerty Keyboard

Select a memorable phrase or a name, the more uppercase letters the better, and look at keys on the keyboard. Instead of typing the name as it is use the key above and to the left. If you can touch type then it is just a case of using ‘R’ and ‘U’ as the index keys instead of ‘F’ and ‘J’.

For example:

Barack Obama becomes Gq4qdi (gqjq
Britney Spears becomes G485h36 W03q4w
Alice Cooper becomes Qo8d3 D99034

I’ve left the spaces in to make it readable but you get the idea.

The only snag, that I’ve found, is using it to enter passwords into Mobile Safari because the numeric keys aren’t displayed on the same screen, to save space.

So you have generated a very secure password using a really simple encryption technique.

  • Posted on Thursday, 25 June 2009
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