Amanda Palmer & Henry Rollins

Finally footage of this monumental meeting surfaces.

Apparently, back in 2007, Amanda Palmer was asked if she would like to be a part of Hammer Conversations and who would she like to talk to. Henry Rollins was one of the people on the short list and he was available.

Considering that it was just an informal chat in a museum I don’t think that I’ve seen either of them look so uncomfortable. Amanda was constantly adjusting the microphone and stand, by minuscule amounts, something that she also does between songs at her shows. Henry looked as if he was curling up into a ball, possibly not that at ease with the mic on a stand instead of in his fist.

Unfortunately the video ends at the 95 minute mark. According to eyewitness accounts Palmer embraces Rollins for a full 3 and a half seconds. For Henry that’s a personal best.

  • Posted on Monday, 04 May 2009
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