All Change

All ChangeAll Change

Yes, it’s all change… again.

For the first time, in a long time, this site has switched engines. Previously it used WordPress but now it’s using a Ruby on Rails blogging application called Enki. I haven’t stopped using WordPress entirely as the website for my Uncle Les is still running very well on the latest 2.7 release.

I had spent a month or so trying to write my own from scratch, and did manage to get something working, but I kept finding that I was struggling to get the basics polished off. Enter Enki, which is just a barebones blogging app that you can build upon.

So, I’ve removed (or at least commented out) the comments section of code. I might resurrect commenting on the site but, as I’ve found previously, it’s much more trouble than it’s worth. I’ve switched to Markdown for markup instead of textile. I don’t quite know why, just that I read all the time. The only other ‘behind the scenes’ changes are a switch to FeedBurner for the RSS feed (so update your reader) and I’ve used Google Custom Search in a similar way to the WordPress set-up that I had.

My Advanced Rails Recipes book came in really handy when it came to generating a sitemap, creating custom error pages and a different maintenance page. I’ll be using more of the recipes in that book in the future.

The style of it all is just really simple and is based on the 960 Grid System. I’m only really using the grid for the basic layout at the moment, but I shall use more of it as I add to the site. What are the chances that it becomes as cluttered as the last in no time.

I still have a few things to fix. The book reviews are still all in HTML because Markdown thinks that because it contains a ‘div’ that it isn’t needed. Rspec tests don’t pass because I’ve changed some code to get the book reviews to use a different partial etc.

Just consider it a work in progress which can be found in all it’s glory at