No more dumb reviews

So Apple have taken steps to limit app reviews to just the people who have downloaded or purchased it, according to Matt Gemmell.

I, for one, hope that this will filter out to the movie reviews (or film reviews, as they are called here in the UK). How many times have you seen one star reviews of good films that start with, ‘Welcome to rip off Britain’, which are just a tirade against the purchase price and not about the film? If you don’t want to pay £6.99 for a film then don’t buy from the iTunes store. When do you ever see someone storming down the baked bean aisle in Sainsbury’s saying that you can buy them cheaper in Tesco. You don’t.

Lets hope that this restraint filters out to other online stores like Amazon. As I said last November the reviews on certain items can become absurd especially on pre-release items like video games and music.

  • Posted on Sunday, 28 September 2008
  • Tagged with apple moans