Pipex - Not in a rush then

I received a letter from Pipex in the post today.

This letter is in response to the registered letter that I sent to them on the 3rd of July. Apart from my name and the date of my letter it is just a standard reply letter. I haven’t even bothered to read it all, it does run to one and a half sides of A4, but it is just waffle saying how I would have to prove that any fault with my, then, internet connection was due to Pipex.

It just goes to show that customer care is not high on their list of priorities, if at all. Remember they managed to send two payment reminder letters to me every month between March and August after I had left them for O2. If they want something, they shoot letters out at high-speed, if you want anything from them be prepared to wait 83 days.

  • Posted on Wednesday, 24 September 2008
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