iPod touch 2g

iPod touch 2giPod touch 2g

Well, it didn’t take me long after the Stevenote to order an iPod touch second generation from the online Apple store. It has been a long hard struggle… but it’s been worth it.

I did originally think about buying an iPhone, even before the 3g model came out, because it would save me having to carry a phone and an iPod nano. With the phone I’d get phone calls, text messages, the built-in camera and internet access on the go for £35 a month minimum. I even waited for the 3g release and news that O2 may have a pay as you go plan for the phone. That news was released the other week and really didn’t seem like a good deal. Available from September 16 it would cost £399.99 for the 16GB version, unlimited browsing and Wi-Fi for 12 months, after that £10 per month. Then there is a minimum top-up of £10, even if you don’t use the phone.

Besides, I don’t use the phone. I’ve been with Virgin Mobile since 2000 and have only topped up the phone twice. So when Steve Jobs announced the new iPod touch with 16GB for £219 I decided to get one. Even then I was undecided about getting the 32GB, but my iPod nano, which has 8GB, is only half full with podcasts so I couldn’t see myself filling it to capacity.

This new iPod touch is really nice, reassuringly hefty in the palm, thanks to the solid metal back and the glass touch screen. The interface design really is just a joy to behold. Everything just zooms, spins and scrolls with ease. Remarkable how they have managed to get everything to work with the minimum amount of buttons.

Naturally I’ve installed a few applications: Air Sharing, BubbleWrap, Cro-Mag Rally, Dactyl, Enigmo, Hanoi, Instapaper Pro, iWik, Koi Pond, NetNewsWire, OmniFocus, Remote, Tap Tap Revenge and Twitterrific. I’ve had a little dabble with all of them but NetNewsWire, for reading my news feeds and syncing with my iMac, was a must and Instapaper Pro was a no brainer for reading the web pages away from my desk.

That’s really all I’m going to use it for, surfing the web, checking emails, news feeds and reading web pages. I have put some TV shows, music, podcasts, photos, music videos, even PDFs on it but I’ll still use my nano for listening to podcasts when I’m walking, cleaning or cooking because it’s just the right size for my top pocket.

  • Posted on Monday, 15 September 2008
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