Pipex - Is this the end?

After all the trouble of last Tuesday I phoned Pipex on Friday to check that all was well with the payment of £24.99. I was told that the finance department still hadn’t ‘okayed’ the money. I asked that I have the confirmation of the payment in writing and was told that this would be noted against my account. To be honest I don’t hold out any hope of receiving this confirmation as it’s been almost a week and I’ve heard nothing from Pipex. They’re really quick to send out 2 ‘pay up or we’ll cut you off’ letters per month for 6 months, but slow to send out letters that an ex-customer requests.

On Friday I received a letter from S C Gray Solicitors Limited (now they are quick at sending letters out) saying that I need to pay £99.96 by 09/09/2008. They must be working for ScotCall as Commercial Credit Services have passed on my details. The letter was sent out on 27th August, the day after I had paid £24.99 to Pipex.

This morning I received a very red letter from ScotCall Debt Collecting Services with a heading of DOORSTEP COLLECTION NOTICE - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. This was sent on the 28th August and basically says that I should pay £99.96 within 7 days or else they’ll send the boys ‘round. Great, 2 letters from everyone else but Pipex.

I keep thinking that this is the end but until I receive a letter from Pipex themselves confirming the fact then I won’t believe it.

  • Posted on Monday, 01 September 2008
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