Slash: The Autobiography

Slash: The Autobiography

I bought Appetite for Destruction by Guns N' Roses on LP back on the 12th January 1988, which can’t have been long after it was released. The other purchase that day was Faster Pussycat.

I remember looking at the back cover and thinking that they couldn’t possibly play very well. One chap had so much hair under his top hat that you could hardly see his nose, let alone look him in the eye. I can’t remember if I had actually heard any of their music, so I must have just read articles and reviews in Kerrang! and took that as a recommendation. I got the LP home from work, heard that staccato opening riff to Welcome to the Jungle and was hooked. I couldn’t think of any record that had so much swearing on it. Later that year I bought the CD version, one of the first CD’s that I owned. This was back in the day when spending £9.99 on a single CD was considered the very height of extravagance.

It was that same year that I was driving to work and heard Paradise City on the radio. I was just completely astounded, thankfully the vehicle had come to a complete stop in the public car park near work.

If you’ve read the Motley Crue book, The Dirt, then this is in a similar vein but just told from one viewpoint instead of four. I read the book because I had heard that Slash will just go to the hotel bar after a show and start talking to people. He does come across as someone who is just an ordinary working guy. Certainly his work ethic will attest to this notion. Axl comes across as a complete sod. Not showing up to rehearsals, showing up hours late for a concert, taking the Guns name as his own then trying to turn the band into his own, highly orchestrated creation. But, I guess, this is just one persons view.

I knew that Slash liked snakes, the same passion for reptiles that Kerry King and Henry Rollins has, but I didn’t know he liked cats as well. Not very rock n' roll, but an interesting side to him nonetheless.

It’s a quick read and something that any Guns fan should dip into to find out what really happened.