Pipex - Just when you think things can't get any worse...

Last Friday lunchtime Commercial Credit Services phoned me four times in the space of an hour. Saturday lunchtime twice. This morning I tried to phone them but got no reply.

This evening they phoned again, they’re nothing if not persistent, and I missed the call. They phoned again and I answered, a machine delivered an automated message and hung-up. Furious by now, I phoned them.

I gave the chap on the end of the phone my details and he said that I owed Tiscali £99.96. I explained that I had phoned Pipex at the beginning of the month and they assured me that £99.96 was being credited to my account to wipe out the debit. He asked if I received written confirmation, I was told by the Pipex person that that wasn’t possible but that they could send an email instead… which never arrived. We discussed the situation and he said it could possibly be because I hadn’t made the last payment, so late payment fees had accrued over time resulting in the £99.96. Because a sum of £23.99 could balloon over 6 months to £99.96, I don’t think so. Anyway, thinking about it now, Pipex sent an email to me only last month saying that they had finally disconnected me… again, and that I owed £99.96 is payments. He suggested that I pay part of the payment as a good will gesture, which I refused as I didn’t want to pay and then spend the next six months trying to get it back. I said that I would call Pipex again to try to sort it out. But he said that he would have to instruct solicitors to reclaim the debt, send debt collectors to my house and then summon me to court.

So I phoned customer support Pipex. I gave my security details and explained the situation. I was told that they couldn’t figure out when I was disconnected from Pipex and so couldn’t calculate how much I owed. I would have to phone technical support to get them to log the date that I was disconnected into the system. So I phoned technical support and told them the date that I was disconnected from Pipex. They said that their records didn’t go back that far and that I should contact another department at Pipex by dialling the same number and selecting option 1 then 2. So I phoned someone else at Pipex and explained the situation again. They said that I needed to make a payment, which I think was only £24.99, that was outstanding and to clear my account. This was a payment for April even though I switched to O2 at the beginning of March. By this time I was past caring and give my credit card details. I was on the phone for ages and was even put on hold twice while he tried to sort things out. He gave the the authorisation code for the transaction and another reference number. I’m sure he said that Commercial Credit Services would be contacted but when I asked if I had to phone them with the reference number he said yes.

So I phoned Commercial Credit Services, again, and said that I had just paid Pipex and that I had been told that the account was now clear. The woman asked how much I had paid, I said that I wasn’t sure but a value less than £99.96, she asked who I had spoken to. I said that I didn’t know. She said that she couldn’t take my word for it and had to wait for Pipex to make contact.

I still can’t believe that it has taken this long and I don’t believe for a minute that this is all over.

  • Posted on Tuesday, 26 August 2008
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