Pipex - Notification of Legal Proceedings

A great way to start the weekend.

This morning I received a letter in the post from Commercial Credit Services on behalf of ‘the creditor’ Tiscali UK LTD saying that I ‘have chosen to ignore repeated reminders from our client in respect of the above debt’ for £99.96. And that ‘the case has been placed with us for immediate collection via Dudley County Court’. ‘Take note that a CLAIM will be issued on 20/08/2008 for recovery of £180.62’. ‘Judgement/Extract Decree will, if necessary, be obtained and enforced. This could seriously affect future credit or mortgage applications’.

Serious stuff. Especially for someone like myself whose only debts are car payments, until February next year, and a mortgage. And also considering that I don’t owe them any money and never have and that I have made every effort to try and sort this sorry mess out.

I was honestly thinking that I’d need to talk to my solicitor or at the very least, someone at the local Citizens Advice Bureau.

I printed off the last two email discussions that I had with them back on the 16th and 19th of July. Pipex Customer Services were responding to a reply I had sent after receiving another payment reminder. They said, and quite rightly, that I had to give them my account and security details for them to look into the matter. They wanted to know:

How you cancelled your Pipex service.
Evidence of the request (if written).
Copy of your bill from other provider
The date and time of your request.
(If Verbal) the name of the agent you spoke to.
Any other details you feel are relevant to the claim.

I responded with the information they required, including two activation emails that I had received from my current ISP O2. I wasn’t nasty, I just wanted to finally get this sorted.

So this morning I made another phone call to Pipex saying that I’ve received yet another letter saying that I owe them money. The chap at Pipex said that they have indeed made good their threat to cut my ADSL connection. He spent a few minutes reading the log against my account and obviously the mass of correspondence that has been exchanged over the last four months. Possibly even including the registered letter that I sent on the 3rd of July. Possibly not.

He said that he would credit my account with the £99.96 therefore wiping out the debt. I told him that I had, thankfully, cancelled my direct debit back in March but he said that it was just dealing with the Pipex account. I asked if he could confirm this in writing but he said that he could only send a confirmation email. I thanked him for his help and hung up the phone. That email I still haven’t received.

I don’t think for a minute that it’s that simple. When I phoned back in April I was told the same thing, “We’re sorry, there’s been a mix-up with our system, I’ll fix it.” It didn’t happen then, I don’t think for a minute that it’s happened now.

Is it really any wonder that customers have no confidence in big businesses. Something that should have been fixed with one phone call has now gone on for months. Their time and resources have been wasted, my time and patience has been completely drained.

  • Posted on Saturday, 09 August 2008
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