Everyday Scripting with Ruby

Everyday Scripting with Ruby

  • for Teams, Testers and You
  • Brian Marick
  • Programming
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After, what must have been, the third attempt I finally worked through this book.

You would have thought that with writing little Ruby scripts for myself, and for work, that zipping through it would have been a breeze.

The book is essentially similar to the pick-axe book, but less detailed obviously, and with more exercises. And it’s these exercises that I had trouble with. If you are following along at home, which I and the book encourage you to do, you have to complete them all. This is because the work that you should have done in the previous chapter will be touched upon in the next chapter. Sometimes you think, “Yes, I can do this, I understand it, I don’t need to code this”, only to find that parts of the next exercise rely upon it. I think if each set was more self contained it would have worked better.

The chapters do cover the Ruby basics, with real-world examples and tasks, then the subjects get trickier as the book goes on. I don’t think for a minute that I understood inheritance and superclasses but these are mentioned in the final chapters.

If you’re, like me, still getting to grips with Ruby scripts and best practices this book is certainly worth reading to further your knowledge.