From Bash to Z Shell

From Bash to Z Shell

  • Conquering the Command Line
  • Oliver Kiddle, Jerry Peek and Peter Stephenson
  • Unix/Linux

Of course I’m old enough to remember days when you could only edit, and run, code from a command line. Really, if you haven’t debugged programs on a teletype machine then you can’t call yourself a developer. Everyone should start there and move slowly towards Microshite® Windows Development Pro Enterprise Edition Studio.

I’d recently started developing bits of Ruby scripts, local web-site set-ups using Apache2 and MySQL databases on my iMac. After developing on Linux at work I felt right at home in a terminal window. Then, over a year ago, I set-up an Ubuntu slice at Slicehost and really enjoyed setting up applications. I think I did more command line tinkering that I did actual coding for a while.

Not having had any formal system administration training, then again who has, I had always just picked up things here and there. But over time I realised that I did need a better understanding of the power of the command line.

Since getting this book I have, more-or-less, read it from cover to cover. At least by doing that you get an overview of what is possible and gaps that I have in my knowledge. I skipped the sections that covered the z shell and just concentrated on bash.

The book really does cover it all: shells, scripts, job processing, pattern matching, everything you could hope to use the shell for is in here. It’s certainly something that I’ll keep referencing over time and just to learn that you can do sudo !! is worth the price alone.

  • Reviewed on Monday, 09 June 2008
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