Pipex, will it never end...

Boy do I feel smug. Not something that happens a lot, but when it does, I certainly have more of a sly grin than usual.

Pipex, remember them, my ex-ISP, sent me two emails and two snail-mails recently saying that my payment was overdue. For those of you late to the party I suggest that you read the back story to this sorry tale. I was just going to ignore them as they both threatened to cut me off. Not something that would be easy as I’m not connected to them. So I thought “hell, let them cut me off”. I had already spent £10 on phone calls to their tech support line to find out why I had been disconnected on the 4th of March. But the second email had a little more of a hint of menace than the previous one.

If your account remains unpaid, we are obliged to share this information with the credit reference agencies which may affect your ability to gain credit in the future.

After the first letter I was going to respond with a letter of my own explaining that Pipex had cut me off and that I had had to go for over a week without an internet connection. The quote above made me telephone them instead. I phoned the number in the letter explained the situation to the woman and was passed to another department. I had to go through the whole security thing and explanation again to another woman who checked the details on her computer. She said that there had been a mistake and that she would close the account and refund any money that was owing to me.

It was lucky that as soon as my O2 connection was live I cancelled the Pipex direct debit. I didn’t trust them not to continue to take money from my account. The surprising thing is that the last direct debit from Pipex was only £14.99. So they must have known that I had switched and had only charged me part of a month.

Remember: If you are having any trouble with Pipex… “Run far and run fast!”

  • Posted on Saturday, 19 April 2008
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