Words fail me...

I received an email from Tiscali Provisioning this morning saying… well it’s all a little difficult to make out as the subject and the three sentences are crammed with codes and references. Essentially they say that the customer, me, is still active with another ISP and that BTOR(!) is currently in Cancellation Pending state, whatever that means. And that we, them, need to monitor the order for the next 24 hours.

Obviously I have replied as I certainly don’t want them cocking-up, a technical term, my excellent internet connection with O2.

It is good to see that Tiscali are about as on the ball as Pipex were. This sorry saga started on the 4th of March so I could have been without a connection since then, if I had been stupid enough to stay with them.

My advice to anyone still with Pipex is if your connection is fine, you consistently have fast download speeds, and you are happy with the service then stay. If you aren’t happy then switch as soon as you can but expect problems like I had. But 10meg download speeds, unlimited and £10 a month cheaper it has to be worth switching.

  • Posted on Saturday, 22 March 2008
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