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The router, supplied free by O2 when I signed up to them for broadband, has proved a little problematic to say the least. Because it’s just on a shelf under the desk I could hear it clicking occasionally. This was when it was resetting itself, for whatever reason. If I was browsing web-sites I’d have to wait a minute or two before I could continue. Not ideal, so I’ve switched back to my Belkin F5D7633 wireless router. Here are my settings if anyone else want’s to switch to a more dependable router:

  • VPI/VCI - 0/101
  • Connection Type - Dynamic IP (1483 Bridge)
  • Encapsulation - LLC
  • DNS - Auto
  • IP Address - Automatically Assigned
  • SSID - changed from the default
  • Broadcast SSID - Off
  • Security Mode - WPA/WPA2
  • IP Address - changed from the default

The SSID has been changed, and switched off, to stop anyone trying to access the router. That’s using the principle that if they can’t find it they can’t hack it. I’ve also switched to WPA from WEP for extra security.

Most of this information I found in the forums at Think Broadband.

  • Posted on Saturday, 22 March 2008
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