Torture by Pipex...


The story so far… after the, so called, engineering on the line I receive another MAC code, which, coincidentally is exactly the same as the previous 3. I phone Pipex and they say that they can now see a cancel order on the line, which is good news as they couldn’t before, but with the MAC code due to expire there wouldn’t be enough time for O2 to use it and get me transferred over. They suggest phoning again to request another MAC code.


Mid morning and my internet connection dies. I try re-booting the router and wait until after lunch before phoning Pipex, just in case it’s a temporary thing. The first people I call are the MAC code guys and I ask if the fact that I have no internet connection is something to do with the MAC code expiring the bloke on the other end of the line says, and this is important, “No, we would never cut you off!” I then phone the technical support line, they do a test on the line and do confirm that there is no internet traffic on the line. Voice traffic, fine, no internet. The suggest plugging the router into the test socket, trying another micro-filter, trying another router. All this I tried. Still nothing so I phone them back with my findings and they say that they’ll log it with their engineers who could take between 1 and 6 business days to fix the problem. Not good news for someone who WFH and uses his internet all the time when he’s not working.


Luckily my sister, brother-in-law and niece have a wireless broadband connection. So I walk around to their house and work from their sofa for the afternoon.


Phoned Pipex technical support again. Tried for about 20 minutes to get through and was told more than once by a recorded voice that the line was unavailable. Click. Finally spoke to a human he said it was all to do with the Tiscali re-engineering and that my line hadn’t been transferred over, for some reason. He didn’t know why but he knew people who would but they would take between 1 and 6 business days to respond. By this time I couldn’t wait to see the back of Pipex.

I check my email and see that O2 have sent me notification that my line will be connected on 12/03/2008. I was slightly happier, but only slightly as that was almost a week away. So why didn’t Pipex know that the disconnect was to do with my transfer to O2? Why did the MAC code guy say what he said? If I had known that my internet connection being cut was due to the transfer I would have phoned O2 immediately and told them to start connecting me up. As it is I’ve had no internet connection for over a week.

I don’t think that any time is a good time to lose your broadband connection, maybe before a long holiday overseas. But this wasn’t the best time for me. I’d just put all my notes and to do lists into Backpack from 37Signals after reading the first couple of chapters of Getting Things Done by David Allen. So all my personal stuff and work stuff was all in one place. All completely inaccessible. I’d even signed up for a paid Backpack account to use the extra features, pages and storage. You just don’t realise how much you rely on it all until it’s not there. So far I have 2 A4 pages of notes, things I need to do and things I want to look up.

O2 have been great so far. Little text messages keeping me informed and saying when the router will arrive. The wireless router arrived today but I’m undecided about using that or sticking with my Belkin.

Tomorrow’s the big day. I’ve never been this excited about getting something back.

  • Posted on Tuesday, 11 March 2008
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