Yes, I thought that I was dreaming. I woke up and I could still hear the wardrobe doors rattling and I thought that I imagined it all. I got up out of bed and had a walk around, thinking that if it had been a quake that people would be congregating in the streets. I looked around, expecting to see signs that the earth had moved. Pictures askew on the walls, a CD toppled from its shelf, the crystals in a chandelier tinkling. Nothing. Nothing to show that my little semi-detached penthouse flat had survived an earthquake. I went back to bed. I did think about checking the internets or switching on the TV but decided to get back in bed. Maybe Radio Five Live would mention it so I switched my bedside radio on and they were discussing something about healthcare for a few minutes. Then another presenter joined in and asked if anyone in the studio had felt the earth move. They hadn’t, so he started reading all the text messages that people had sent into the radio station. More or less the entire country had felt something at 0:57am this morning.


  • Posted on Wednesday, 27 February 2008
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