So it seems that to switch to O2 for my broadband I now have to be without the internets for between 4 to 6 days.

O2 say that Pipex have put a cancellation notice on the line, so the MAC code, that Pipex sent 3 times, is completely useless. The chap I spoke to said that both internet connections have to be up and running before the switch over could occur. That’s when you would only get between half an hour and an hours downtime. What has to happen now is that the line has to be completely dead before O2 can reconnect the intertubes.

When I phoned Pipex the other week they said that it may be because they were doing some maintenance on my line which should have been completed on Monday. They said that they would then issue me with another MAC code which I could give to O2.

Let’s hope that this new MAC code doesn’t mean that I have to wait another 25 days before my Pipex connection ends. He did say he would credit my account with £10 for the inconvenience. That isn’t much of a consolation if I’m without the internet for 6 days. Especially when I work from home.

  • Posted on Tuesday, 26 February 2008
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