The Bridge

The BridgeThe Bridge

I had recorded The Bridge, a documentary that was shown on More 4 a few weeks ago, yesterday. It’s about The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco which has become the most popular suicide destination in the world.

All the way through I kept thinking, “How are they doing this?”. The film shows people climbing over the guard rail and jumping. “That must be stunt people.” But if the act of jumping will kill you then no stunt men, or women, would do it. “It must be CGI then?” Nope.

I think that we get so used to watching ’re-enactments' in documentaries that it becomes the norm. “So, they just hired an actor who looks like the person that the bereaved are describing?” Not so in the case of The Bridge. It was pretty harrowing to watch as it was. Until you realise how it was made.